Who's Jacob?

Jacob was Kirsty's younger brother. He was a very lively and cheeky boy full of life and love who had Fragile-X syndrome. Jacob passed away when he was five leaving a wealth of happy memories for his family and friends. When Kirsty qualified as a teacher and started with her first class of children, the first name she saw on the register was a Jacob. A different Jacob, but an equally cheeky, happy and loving Jacob. The huge smiles, cheeky attitude and full of life spirit is exactly what Jacob's Ladder represents.

About us...

Kirsty began working at a local play-scheme for children with additional needs aged 14 before finishing school and going to university in London. Whilst completing her art degree she worked at an after school club for children with complex needs, and knew instantly that this was exactly what she wanted to do in her life. Who couldn't love fun days out, splashing in puddles, being covered in paint and glitter, and forming connections with very special children and young people?! Kirsty completed her PGCE and came back to Wiltshire to work as a teacher in a special needs school, before creating her dream....Jacob's Ladder.

Every conversation when creating Jacob's Ladder came back to the same thing; that Jacob's Ladder should be a place where families felt supported, accepted and understood, and that the children and young people attending could fully and completely be themselves. Jacob's Ladder is about celebrating our young people's differences, focusing on what they CAN do, and enabling them to reach their full potential.

So...Jacob's Ladder formed with the help of Kirsty's husband, Paul, and her fabulous family, including her parents Jo and Tom, who all help to make up the Jacob's Ladder team. Jacob's Ladder is registered as a form of social enterprise called a Community Interest Company (CIC), and is registered with Companies House. Our statement to Companies House promises that we will provide fun projects for children and young people supporting them in their development in a safe and understanding environment. We have agreed to an 'asset lock', which ensures that all money stays within the company to provide the best activities, interaction and opportunities for our children and young people. 

Jacob's Ladder runs with the support of a team of wonderful volunteers. Our volunteers come from all walks of life and bring various skills and strengths to the team. They help with the setting up of sessions, ideas, and most importantly, supporting the children and young people that come to us to enjoy fun filled sessions. We couldn't do what we do without them.


Jacob's Ladder operates in accordance with a wide range of policies. This ensures that things happen the way they should, and also that all staff and volunteers follow the same consistent approach to different procedures. If you would like to a read a specific policy then please email to request it.